Nathan Porath Artist Statement

 My passion for photography began in high school, after one of my teachers encouraged me to become part of the school newspaper. I began at the newspaper as a graphic artist, but soon became interested in photography. I learned the basic principles of film photography and eventually became photo editor for the newspaper, thus beginning my lifelong love of photography With the advent of digital cameras I have found renewed passion for photography. I purchased my first digital camera in 2000, a simple point and shoot camera. Using my point and shoot I moved past the technical aspect of photography into the artistic realm. Now using my DSLR camera I combine both my technical knowledge and artistic expression.

I enjoy finding beauty in the ordinary and looking beyond what everyone else sees. I have a passion for photographing abandoned buildings, I love digging deep into properties, seeing the way nature reclaims buildings, I'm fascinated by what the former occupants leave behind and documenting this history before it disappears.