Historic ARTspective

in collaboration with the Marathon County Historical Society

Garden Party  by Nancy Laliberte

Garden Party by Nancy Laliberte

Marathon County Historical Society Archives

Marathon County Historical Society Archives

Untitled by DIana Osypowski

Untitled by DIana Osypowski

Exhibit Dates: September 27 - November 9, 2019

Exhibit Opening Reception: October 4, 2019, 5:00-7:00pm

History is made up of all the ideas and things that constitute our everyday lives, from the important to the inconsequential. Our attics are filled with the individual stories and belongings of our ancestors. These heirlooms become the information in our history books. Historic ARTspective helps the viewer explore their past, connect to their history, and share their story.

Historic ARTspective features the work of 25 local artists and with 25 pieces from the Marathon County Historical Society’s private collection. Each artist will create a piece inspired by the artifact, sharing their own perspectives and personal connections to Marathon County.

ARTISTS. Christine Alfrey, Carly Caputa, Rose DeHut, Terry Gunderson Shulta, Sally Johnson, Nancy Laliberte,
Cindy Markowski, Nancy McLay, Mara Mullen-Reinhardt, Theda Neubauer-Hewuse, Diane Osypowski, Nate Porath, Max Reinhardt, Mary Robinson, Diane Shabino, Mary Thao, Jen Triolo, Krista Vendetti, Natalie Vilter, Jillayne Waite, Audrey Wilde

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