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29th Annual
Midwest Seasons

January 4 - March 9, 2019
*Opening Gallery Gala & Awards Reception:
Friday, January 18th from 5-7pm

The CVA hosts its signature exhibit "Midwest Seasons" for the 29th year!
Artists from around the country submit artwork in all mediums and
style describing the seasons of the Midwest.

The juror this year is Amy Cannestra, Cannestra has a BFA in Communication Design from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design as well as a MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Featured Artists:
Christine Alfery, Jane Barnard, Rosalie Beck, Abigail Bostwick, Kate Bradley, David Brock, Carly Caputa, Tim Feathers, Lois Freeberg-Hagen, Patricia Gaska, Lynn Gilchrist, Mary Gordon, Tailor Hartman, Victoria Helms, Brett Henzig,
Mary Hermanson, Elizabeth Ivers, Jeffry Stern, David Jones, Janice Kanyusik, Andrea Lee, Kelsey McNamara,
George Miller, Benjamin Otten, Patrick Plunkett, Kyle Powers, Denise Presnell, Vicki Resech, Carolyn Rosenberger, Sher Schier, Lee Ann Schulz, Carole Spelic, Michael Walker, and Lois Weizba

JLB_0809 Group_00001.jpg

First row: Kelly Price (CVA Executive Director), Christine Alfery, Brett Henzig, Rose DeHut (CVA Curator of Art & Marketing)
Second row: Carole Spelic, Kelsey McNamara, Amy Cannestra (Juror), Sher Schier, and Pat Heier (Peoples State Bank)

Best of Show

Brett Henzig, Way to Remember, sculpture, 8x16x10 A (2).jpg

“Way to Remember”

mixed media and assemblage
Brett Henzig

Awards of Excellence

Christine Alfery - Playing Outside.jpg

“Playing Outside”

aqueous media
Christine Alfery

Carole Spelic, Autumn (from Greater Homage Squared - after Josef Albers series), Hand woven wool and hand knotted nylon, wool and acrylic on cotton warp, 18x18x2 (2).jpg

(from “Greater Homage Squared - after Josef Albers” series)”

hand woven wool and hand knotted nylon, wool and acrylic on cotton warp
Carole Spelic

Sher Schier,Spring Morning,MixedMedia 18x24 (2).jpg

“Spring Morning”

mixed media
Sher Schier

Honors Awards

Kelsey McNamara, sunfishlakewatercolor8.5x5.5 (2).jpg

“Sunfish Lake”

Kelsey McNamara

Miller_G_WeightWorldThnSom (2).jpg

“Spring: Raindrops Keep
A-Fall-In’ !!”

archival digital pigment print
George Miller

Jeff_Stern_FROZEN_KALE_ink_on_paper_30x21 (2).jpg

“Frozen Kale”

ink on paper
Jeff Stern

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Gifted by Hand

November 16 - December 29, 2018
*Opening Gallery Gala:
Friday, December 7th from 5-7pm

The “Gifted by Hand” exhibit features six local and regional artists working
in a variety of media. View the original artwork and become inspired by the
handmade jewelry designs by Tasha Rae, the garden themed ceramics by
Nancy Briggs, and wood turned wine stoppers by Ed Sandle.

Also view paintings by Jamie Kalvestran, kiln-formed glass & ornaments
by Sara Rezin, and the textured ceramic-watercolor wall hangings
& ornaments by Faith Ann Givings.


All sales can be picked up for the Holiday Gifts beginning Dec. 19th!

Featured artists:
Nancy Briggs
Faith Ann Givings
Jamie Kalvestran
Tasha Rae
Sara Rezin
Ed Sandle

Trace gallery card - front.jpg

Art and Poetry Collaborative

September 21 - November 10, 2018
*Opening Gallery Gala:
Friday, September 28th from 5-7pm

Awards & Readings:
Sunday, September 30th from 2-4pm

Regional poets and artists will exhibit their paired works in
conjunction with the Central Wisconsin Book Festival.

Featured Poets: Karyn Powers, Dawn Anderson, Elmae Passineau, Susan Reetz, Kris Rued- Clark,
Joan M. Giusto, Kathleen Serley, Karen Wollenberg, Parker Sterling, Patricia Williams, Jim Pollock,
Joan Wiese Johannes, Mary “Ray” Goehring, Lois Weirzba, Peggy Trojan, Jan Bosman,Terry Andre Dukerschein,
Lucy Tyrrell, Gary Jones, Margaret King, Linda Aschbrenner, Stephanie Darnell,Victoria Lindsay, Lana Parker,
Jan Chronister, Paula Schulz, Alice Mills, Paul Wiegel, Chris Hornung, Diana Budde, Elizabeth Tornes, James A. Gollata, Mary Ellen Marnholtz, Jeannie E. Roberts, Mavis Flegle, Jeffrey Johannes, Sue Twiggs, Nancy Runner,
Gene James Gilbert, Bobby Walker,Vlasta Karol Blaha, and Nancy Petulla

Featured Artists: Mary Murphy, Danlyssa Urmanski, Marie App, Scott Bargender, Linda Bentz,Ed Osypowski,
Mary O’Flyng, Diane Shabino, Tim Holton, Emily Peterson, Chris Capista, Andrea Salchert, Justin Huebner,
Mary Thao, Jacob Veldhuizen, Steve Jones, Krista Botsford,Angie Hall, Emily Seo, Diane Graveen, Diana Weber Osypowski, Emily Lau, Rita Crooks,Nancy Laliberte, Diana Budde, Jim Beck, Ben Jennings, Keith Kaziak,
Mara Mullen-Reinhardt,Luke Halkoski, Erin Heider, Patricia La Pointe, Sarajane Lieble, Joe Lipscomb, Yi Yan,
Zach Nikolai, Robyn Flynn, Carolyn Rosenberger, Nancy Thorson, Terry Gunderson, Jessica Murray, and
Melissa Obernberger


We would like to thank and recognize DigiCOPY for their in-kind printing sponsorship.

Roots - The Growth from Within font card (2).jpg

The Growth from Within

July 20 - September 16, 2018
*Opening Gallery Gala & Awards Reception:
Friday, July 27th from 5-7pm

An artist's artistic, geographic, and cultural roots play significant
roles in their artistic process and statement. The exhibit highlights
original fine art inspired by an artist's perspective
of their "roots" and artistic journey.

Exhibit juror: Lynn Zetzman

Zetzman has spent thirty-three years teaching art K-12, (the past twenty five as
the Fine Arts Chair at Xavier High School in Appleton, WI), she taught Art Methods
for Lawrence University from 2009-2014, and is currently the director of the
Aylward Gallery, UW-Fox Valley. Her own studio practice has remained vital
with representation at the Anne Nathan Gallery in Chicago.

Featured Artists:
Christine Alfery, J.H. Arnold, Jim Beck, Valerie Berkely, Cherie Burbach, Amy Cannestra, Patrick Doughman, Tom Ferguson, Colette Fritz, Gary Gresl, Deanna Grigus, Ben Grzenia, John Hines, Bruce Hustad, David Jones, Carri Kartes, Elizabeth Kelly, Donna Meyer, Christine Miller, Richard Moninski, Janice Morris, Joan North, Julia O'Malley, Rachel Pavlic, Jeanne Houle Peters, Susan Phelps Pearson, Danne Rhaesa, Mary Robinson, Carolyn Rosenberger, Andrea Salchert, Roberta Scherrer, Tonja Sell, Diane Shabino, Anders Shafer, Barbara Shafer, Edward Shmunes, Barbara Smith, and Audrey Wilde

The Belgain (2).jpg

First Place

"The Belgian"
mixed media
Tonja Sell


Second Place

"The Past"
mixed media
Anders Shafer


Third Place

"You cannot spell 'privilege' without 'leg(s)"
multi-media installation
Amy Cannestra



"Circumpunct #6"
iron oxide (eco dye) and handmade paper (kozo)

"Circumpunct #8"
iron oxide, sumac, rust, osage orange saw dust and handmade paper (kozo)

"Circumpunct #1"
iron oxide, sumac, golden rod and handmade paper (kozo)
Danne Rhaesa



"Document Ephemera - Nymph, Lake Michigan Beach
Gary Gresl



acrylic on camouflage fabric
Richard Moninski


CVA - Aerosol Art gallery card.jpg

~ Aerosol Art ~
Featuring William Brakke

May 18 - July 14, 2018
*Opening Gallery Gala:
Friday, June 1st from 5-7pm

Join Brakke for an Aerosol Art Demoing Workshop at the CVA on Friday, June 1st from 10-2pm

Brakke uses aerosol paint and a series of intricate and original stencils to create deeply layered images. His fascination with personal human moments is reflected in each small decision in any given painting: from arranging the image, to creating the stencil, to choosing the color composition. At the core of his work is the belief that art is most engaging when it lives in the conflict of opposing ideas and engages the viewer
in an idea that was not previously understood.

Brakke draws inspiration from street artists, traditional artists, and writers. He believes beauty is a human calling; a richer, fuller concept than surface-level glamour or attractive form. Beauty is the
way to engage the drama of life.

Aerosol Art Demo flyer (2).jpg

CVA - North Central WI Art Educators card - front (2).jpg

North Central WI
Art Educators

March 16 - May 12, 2018
*Opening Gallery Gala:
Thursday, April 5th from 5-7pm

"The art of teaching is the
art of assisting discovery"

The mission of the Center for the Visual Arts is to engage people in the visual arts and add to the
livability of the Wausau regional community.

The CVA encourages and offers arts education in
many mediums for artists of all ages! Join the CVA in celebrating our art educators from Wausau and surrounding areas. Their instruction inspires the
youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow!

Featured Artists:
Jeanne Archiquette, Melissa Adamski, Kathy Bloomer, Melissa Clay Reissmann, Linda DeBroux, Maria DeBroux, Tim Feathers, Connie Graham, Jackie Imhoff, Ann Jaroski, Nichol Kellenberger, Larry Lecheler, Nicole Lunk, Katie Marotz, Jeana Jaeger McGivern, Dan Merkel, Grace Mikul, Joel Pataconi, Ryan Priebe, Christine Rasmussen, Caitlin Seeley, and Samantha Slowiak


28th Annual
Midwest Seasons

January 5 - March 10, 2018
*Opening Gallery Gala & Awards Reception:
Friday, January 19th from 5-7pm

The CVA hosts its signature exhibit "Midwest Seasons" for the 28th year! Artists from around the country submit artwork in all mediums and style describing the seasons of the Midwest. The juror this year is Diana Budde, Budde has a BS Degree in Art Education
from Ball State University and MFA from
the University of Cincinnati.

Featured Artists:
Pouneh Asli, Jody Beighley, Amanda Bulger, Rita Crooks, John Davenport, Stephanie De La Rosa, Patrick Doughman, John Emery, Patricia Gaska, Caroline Herfindahl, Mary Hermanson, Sara Hinke, Bruce Hustad, Jill Jensen, Sally Johnson, David Jones, Nancy Laliberte, Vicky Lilla, James McKnight, Christine Miller, Natalie Owen, Margaret Pagoria, Susan Phelps Peason, Elizabeth Popp, Erin Prais-Hintz, Michelle Richeson, Diane Shabino, Anders Shafer, Barbara Shafer, David Sittler, Julie Sittler, Marcia Smith, Brian Taylor, Gwyned Trefethen, Ann Waisbrot, and Stephen Wysocki


Anders Shafer  for "Judge Magney State Park"

Anders Shafer for "Judge Magney State Park"


Bruce Hustad for "Garden Peony"

Bruce Hustad for "Garden Peony"


Margaret Pagoria for "Northern Extremes"

Margaret Pagoria for "Northern Extremes"


Jill Jensen for "Indian Summer"

Jill Jensen for "Indian Summer"


Mary Hermanson for "Winter Details"

Mary Hermanson for "Winter Details"


Patrick Doughman for "Going Home"

Patrick Doughman for "Going Home"


Stephanie de la Rosa for "Grand Lake St. Mary's"

Stephanie de la Rosa for "Grand Lake St. Mary's"