Educators Exhibit Teacher Collection

The collection in the main floor is gathered from the teachers of the North Central Wisconsin Art Educators group. Like the student collection in the loft gallery, it is featured from April through May 12th. 

From the Collector's Vault

The Vault Gallery is currently featuring donated artwork purely for proceeds to the CVA. These pieces are being from from April to June of 2018. 

Expressions Photographs: Morning

These are the images taken by the kids in the morning session of the photography class. 

Expressions Kids Day of Art 2018

The Expressions Kids Day of Art was held on Saturday, March 10th of 2018. There were classes ranging from painting, photography, jewelry, and clay building. Along with a yoga session during lunch, both the kids and staff enjoyed the day. 

Vault Gallery - Showcase

These images were taken to show to possible future artists for displaying some of their work. The images show the wide, open layout and enhancing natural light.