The CVA is proud to present its first rentable gallery space: The Transitions Gallery. Are you an artist looking for a venue to begin exhibiting or selling your artwork? Then the Transitions Gallery may be your answer.

Transitions Gallery Submission Process and Guidelines


'Cobblestone Bridge'

'Cobblestone Bridge'


Steven Brock

Brock Painting & Artistry

November 14 - January 9







Terry Gunderson Shulta & Krista D. Vendetti

Two Squirrels in a Basket

September 13 - November 7









Jeff Lange

This Season's Style

July 21 - September 12


Andy Fenner

June 23 - July 18



Northwoods Inspiration: Four Artists
Fred Zarembka, Connie Kerkove
Kay Lorbiecki, Melinda Schnell

April 28 - June 20



Margaret Pagoria

March 3 - April 25

Artist Statement
My creative space is my home, shared by my husband, three young children, and Newfoundland. I work among noise, distractions and frequent interruptions. Therefore, my work is intended to be lived with and experienced in daily life. Color combinations, texture, and abstract visual order are the primary elements of my work. My paintings provide me with an escape, a brief pause among my daily activities...

I hope they do the same for you.


CVA Gift Shop Artists

January 6 - February 28